Jordan Hoogendam, P.Eng.
President, Senior Engineer
Renewable Energy | Buildings

Jordan has worked in sustainable building design, building energy conservation, and renewable energy technology deployment since 2004. Over the past decade, Jordan has been directly professionally involved in over 500 rooftop solar PV projects, with a total connected capacity of over 80 MW of AC capacity, including net-metered, Feed-in-Tariff and off-grid systems. His extensive participation in sustainable building design includes the technical development of the LEED rating system and provision of design-facilitation, design-reviews, construction-reviews, and project-certification for over 50 projects. An entrepreneur with vision and a heart for our planet, Jordan founded and helped to found both nonprofit and commercial initiatives before creating Zon in 2010. Jordan is a Professional Engineer in Ontario, and was named Solar Industry Leader of the Year 2016 by the Canadian Solar Industries Association.

Greg Leskien, C.E.T., C.P.H.C.
Vice President, Design and Field Services
Buildings | Renewable Energy

With the help of the talented Zon Engineering team, Greg strives to reduce the impact that buildings have on the various environments in which we live, work, play and prosper each day. Since his industry start in 2004, Greg’s focus has been on buildings that use less energy, less water, and more responsible materials. He has provided services for new and existing buildings in both Canada and the US, including over 100 solar PV projects, 20 LEED projects, and five published research studies for the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Field testing is the highlight of his job, whether it involves being inside a warm building setting up monitoring equipment, on a snow-covered roof testing a PV system, or spending a frigid night outdoors thermal imaging a building enclosure.

Annie Hatherton, B.A.
Office and Accounting Manager

Annie Hatherton is Office Administrator and Bookkeeper and manages the entirety of Zon’s financial, banking and administrative needs. After receiving her Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2006 from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, she worked for a Geothermal Distributer in Elmira, Ontario, for two years as Warehouse Coordinator and five years as Accounting Coordinator; it was there that she received her training in the accounting field.  Annie has been immersed in the renewable energy field for most of her life and is passionate about contributing to the ongoing influence it has on families and society.

Nick Dautovich, BS Eng., EIT, CEA
Designer and Field Specialist
Buildings | Renewable Energy

Nick has been involved with renewable energy technology and building energy efficiency since 2006. His initial experience was acquired through residential and commercial building energy audits where he has audited over 900 Buildings, providing clients with information and recommendations for energy saving opportunities. Nick has managed multiple extensive construction and renovation projects where his knowledge of building science was applied to the design and construction of every project. Nick has an impressive understanding of the implementation of renewable energy technologies into existing buildings, further adding value by creating advanced building enclosure assemblies. He has experience in the design, review, and commissioning of solar photovoltaic systems. Through the development of a data collection and analysis process of existing PV system performance, Nick has developed a unique understanding of how site conditions impact PV system performance and has worked on more than 5 MW of projects in Ontario. Nick Graduated with a Diploma of Technology in 2005 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2007, both from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Cameron Desmarais, C.Tech.
Designer and Field Specialist
Renewable Energy

Cameron has been involved with renewable energy systems since 2010, and dedicates a logical, analytical approach and meticulous attention to detail to the implementation of sustainable energy source generation. Recognizing the global evolution of the energy paradigm, Cameron joined ZON in 2013 and has since contributed his understanding of photovoltaic energy systems to the design and field review of over 150 commercial solar PV projects in Ontario, totaling roughly 35 MW of peak generation. With a diverse skill set, he works closely with developers, equipment manufacturers and local distribution companies to provide performance-optimized engineering solutions and commissioning approaches for grid connected FIT, net metered and hybrid solar-battery storage PV systems. Cameron graduated with an Energy Systems Engineering Technology “ESET” diploma from St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario and is an associate member of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians & Technologists. He is well-versed in the schools of building science, mechanical HVAC systems and environmental sustainability.

Stuart Evans, P.Eng., MBA, LEED AP BD+C
Mechanical Engineer

Stuart is a mechanical engineer with a broad range of experience in green building design and energy conservation. He began his career in 2008 as a LEED consultant, shaping projects from concept design through to certification. Stuart later transitioned to mechanical design with a focus on energy and water savings. He is experienced in designing low-energy HVAC solutions, including ground source and air source heat pump systems, radiant floor heating, and effective ventilation strategies. Stuart is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.

Andrew Gartshore, B.Eng., P.Eng.,CEM
Electrical Engineer
Renewable Energy

Andrew has been enthusiastically involved in the renewable energy since his graduation from McGill in 2008. His ambition for innovation, engineering and green energy led to his work with Solar PV systems. As a renewable energy Electrical Engineer, he is invigorated by the challenges inherent in the ever-changing, emerging PV market. Andrew’s primary role at Zon is to provide detailed electrical engineering for a variety of power systems, both grid interactive and off-gird, which involves a combination of in-house collaboration with colleagues and extensive field work. His expertise in solar design and implementation have been used on countless projects across Ontario, the Northwest Territories, Haiti and the Philippines. His main goals are to see Solar PV expand outside of Ontario and become a household energy option across the globe.

Jason Giallonardo, P.Eng., CEM
Energy Engineer

Jason has worked in the fields of building engineering and energy efficiency since his career began in 2008. His work on both new construction and retrofit projects has focused on efficient systems and reduced building energy consumption, with specific experience in detailed energy modeling using a variety of building simulation software. Jason also completes building energy audits, measurement and verification services, and utility bill analysis, where he enjoys identifying equipment upgrades or operational changes that result in reduced energy consumption. Jason is an engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo, and is a Certified Energy Manager and licensed Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario.

Katie Hoogendam, B.A., B. Ed., M.A.

As Head of Communications, Katie develops website content and design, kiosk and educational texts, as well as public relations and corporate branding material. With a professional background in writing, editing and education, she brings creativity, acuity and savoir faire to her work with Zon. Katie was involved in leading grassroots sustainability efforts in the academic arena and remains committed to engaging dialogue on issues of sustainability and environmental consciousness in the public sphere.

Scott MacMillan, ESET
Designer and Field Specialist
Renewable Energy

With a passion for sustainability, Scott began his professional career in 2014 by focusing that energy toward sustainable building design and renewable energy technology deployment. His practical and technical knowledge of numerous renewable energy technologies, mechanical systems and BAS systems has enabled him to gain experience in improving the performance of existing and new buildings. Scott has assisted in the design of multiple commercial and residential geothermal projects, and has been involved in the design, commissioning, review and simulation of over 20 MW of solar photovoltaic systems in Ontario, along with multiple green building energy simulations. Scott graduated with an Energy Systems Engineering Technology advanced diploma from St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario.

Mira Naydenova
Operations Manager
Renewable Energy

Bio coming soon.

Scott Rivard, C.E.T., LEED AP BD+C
Project Manager
Buildings | Renewable Energy

Since joining the Zon team in 2012, Scott has been involved in a wide range of projects, with a primary focus on the delivery of high-performance sustainable buildings throughout Canada. He has a penchant for turning problems into solutions, much to the delight of clients and team members. When not being used as a jungle gym by his two sons, Scott is immersed in design work; he leveraged his Solar PV design experience to design the PV system on his own house. Scott is a graduate of the Architecture, Project & Facility Management degree program at Conestoga College, as well as the Architectural Technology program from St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario where he resides with his family.

Geoff Struthers
Media Designer

Geoff brings a wide range of experience to the Zon team. With an education in fine arts – both in film and visual design – he contributes to the look and feel of Zon visual materials: web, desktop, print and video. Geoff also has many years of experience in performing financial research with a major audit and accounting firm, during which time he developed skills that allow him to contribute to the development of financial modelling tools at Zon.