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ZON Engineering Inc. has been directly involved in over 1,000 rooftop solar PV projects - with a total connected output of over 150 MW of AC Capacity, including net-metered, Feed-in-Tariff and off-grid systems.


ZON Engineering Inc. specializes in building renewables, and renewable buildings.  ZON celebrates a team unparalleled in the field for its members’ depth of knowledge, breadth of skill, and overarching professional integrity. ZON provides best-in-class engineering services to the solar industry, including engineering design, commissioning and testing, as well as third party inspection services: Owners Engineer, IE Certificate for IESO, and Lenders Engineer reviews. 


Our services include:


  • Site solar access & energy production evaluations

  • Calibrated production simulations (PVSYST, P50, P90, etc.)

  • Feasibility assessments & PV Ready requirements

  • Local Distribution Company (LDC) Consultations


  • Design Review (i.e. Peer Review) at Concept & Detailed Design stage

  • Schematic and detailed designs for grid-connected and off-grid

  • Photovoltaic engineering calculations and simulations.

  • Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) - plan & specification preparation

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  • Contract administration (i.e. tendering, SI, CCN, CO, etc.)

  • Construction Review (i.e. site reviews, deficiency reports, etc.)

  • Insulation Resistance Testing (IRT)

  • Contractor Quality Assurance Review


  • Condition Assessments (including pre-purchase reviews)

  • Production Audits & Calibrated PVSyst Simulations

  • Troubleshooting, solution identification & maintenance plans

  • Re-Commissioning & Re-Testing (i.e. post Re & Re)

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