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Quality is our Legacy


ZON Engineering Inc. provides best-in-class engineering services to the solar industry, including engineering design, commissioning and testing, as well third-party inspection services: Owners Engineer, IE Certificate for IESO, and Lenders Engineer reviews.


Since 2010, we have engineered over 400—and provided review services for over 600—solar photovoltaic systems. Our portfolio totals over 150 MW of solar projects (mainly rooftop)—enough to power nearly 30,000 homes!

Committed to our Clients

At ZON Engineering Inc., we understand that when it comes to excellence in engineering design and consultation, attention to detail is paramount. Whether working with multi-national corporations, medium-sized architectural firms, small electrical contractors or directly with homeowners, ZON’s commitment to quality—from blueprint to ribbon-cutting to seven generations down the line—stands.

Founded in 2010 on the ethics of environmental responsibility, performance, and professional integrity, ZON Engineering Inc. has made a name for itself by remaining true to our founding vision. We take pride in what we do—and client relationships are as important as project outcomes.


Unparalleled in our Field

Our carefully selected team represents a depth of knowledge and skill unparalleled in our field. By fostering a spirit of innovation, our team members—leaders and forward thinkers in environmentally conscious renewable energy and building system design and construction support— are empowered to excel within their areas of expertise.

We are defined by our commitment to technical excellence and known for our responsive client care.  

Because of our sincere and unequivocal commitment to both people and the planet, ZON consistently exceeds client and stakeholder expectations. No greenwashing here—we are the real deal.

ZON Engineering Inc.: Quality is our Legacy.


Chris Magwood

Endeavour Centre

"ZON is our go-to consultant for high performance building projects that require innovation and practicality in equal measure. With ZON at the table, we are assured that we will be getting great advice and thorough design consideration. There is nobody we'd rather work with!"


Scott Rivard, C.E.T.,

Designer and Project Manager

Buildings Group

"Since joining ZON in 2012, not a day goes by where I'm not thrilled with the work we do. The management team at ZON has always encouraged us to seek projects and develop new skills that pique our interests as individuals. They've always maintained the feeling of a small, intimate company and I couldn't be prouder of the work I do for ZON." 

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