Our Story

Founded in 2010,  Zon Engineering Inc. was created in response to a need for unequivocal fidelity to sustainability in engineering, consultation and design. Six years later, Zon has made a name for itself by remaining true to that founding vision.

We are defined by our commitment to technical excellence and known for our responsive client care. Our solutions-focused craftsmanship is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic technologies, systems, and approaches to sustainable building design used today.

By fostering a spirit of innovation, our team members are empowered to excel within their areas of expertise. The lasting work of these pioneers will indelibly shape the field of sustainability for generations to come.


Our mission is to develop an environmentally responsive design ethic wherein solar energy helps shape building design.

Our focus is on the conservation of resource use, the optimization of environmentally conscious indoor environments, and the maximization of opportunities for onsite resource collection and power generation.


By working closely with our clients and their teams, our aim is to assist in the creation of financially, environmentally, and socially sustainable projects.

Corporate Stewardship

We give back to the community in the form of in-kind services for not-for-profit organizations as well as knowledge transfer opportunities such as presentations, conferences and public meetings.

If your organization is in need of this type of specialized support, please contact us today to learn about upcoming opportunities.